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It's about time.

Tock is an entirely different kind of software company. We have restaurant people working on tech and tech people working in restaurants. Tock is faster, more compatible, always up to date, and constantly improving. Restaurants have used crappy software for too long. Get ready for Tock.


Tock Tour \ Sell more

Offer more than an open table.

Offer your guests more than just tables and times. Tock helps you highlight what makes you unique and book not only ordinary reservations but also sell chef’s tastings, kitchen tables, special events, private dining, or any experience you wish to offer.


Tock Tour \ Save money

Thanks, no-shows.

At some point you accepted that no-shows are just part of the game. Why?! Use Tock to virtually eliminate no-shows and recover lost revenue. Food waste? Greatly reduced. Time on the phone? Less than ever.


Tock Tour \ Work smarter

Meet your other back of house.

Tock’s tools allows you to more efficiently manage your guest communications, marketing outreach, and sales analysis. Our Hospitality Team is here to help, 24/7/365. Think of us as your other back of house.


Tock Tour \ Improve hospitality

Can you please wait at the bar?

Busy signals, confirmation phone calls, and lines are poor hospitality. Tock provides robust communication tools, custom email reminders, a digital waitlist, and much more. That means that you can focus on food and service, delighting your guests with great hospitality.


Everything you need, reimagined

Reservation tools

Offer ordinary reservations side by side with required deposits, prix fixe tastings, special events, communal tables — and more. Easily create and calendar these experiences while giving your guests clear choices and a simple booking process. No other system provides this much power and flexibility.

Guest profiles

Provide magical hospitality with comprehensive patron profiles including tags, booking notes, guests notes, dietary restrictions, and dining history, all viewable across your entire restaurant group and easily accessible throughout Tock.

Reports and insights

Print out nightly chits. Analyze demand by day of the week or table size. Review real-time online sales. Schedule your offerings for maximum revenue. Tock provides actionable analysis that lets you plan better.

Table management

Tock is the only system with online, in-browser table management — meaning you can access your restaurant’s service from any location in the world, instantly, with nothing to download. Features like our Activity Feed and Real-Time Chat provide a history of every action and allow your team to easily communicate with each other.

Tock is flexible

Use anywhere

Tock is not an App. It’s built on Google Cloud and is engineered to work from any web-browser. There are no hardware leases, nothing to download for you or your guests, and no time-consuming updates with annoying reminders. Tock is always getting better and you don’t need to do a thing.

No hardware requirements

Adding another host stand? Need a station for your servers? Drop a desktop, laptop, or tablet anywhere, anytime in your restaurant for no additional cost. Use as many devices as you’d like and create as many users as needed.

Benefits of Tock

Shift demand

Everyone is full on Saturday night... let’s figure out Tuesday at 9:30. Sell more by offering dynamically priced deposit reservations, chef’s tastings, kitchen tables, special events, and private dining all in one place — watch customers book those hard-to-fill shoulder times.

Eliminate no-shows

Well, almost. Across all of Tock we’ve seen a 0.64% no-payment, no show rate. That means no more guesswork for planning and service. Not only can you provide better hospitality each and every night, you can save a ton of money doing it.

Focus on guests

Tock helps you reach out to your customers in your own words. All of your communication is branded with your identity. Your FAQ, images, logos and email communications are managed as easily as uploading a pic to Facebook.

Increase sales

Other systems promise incremental customers. Tock delivers not only new customers, but also allows your loyal patrons the ability to purchase supplements, special menus, events, and more. Check averages go up without having to rely on your waitstaff to upsell.

See Tock in action

Explore Tock with your own demo site — free of charge with no commitment.

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